About Us


Our Story

Blue Phoenix is the brainchild of a seasoned business strategist with a rich background in the Visitor Economy Sector and a track record of excellence across multiple industries. With a career that spans from leading airline, hotel, and business event teams to consulting for varied sectors including real estate, healthcare, utilities, telecommunications, automotive, and food manufacturing, our founder brings a wealth of practical expertise to the table. With an MBA in Business Administration and profound hands-on experience managing teams and multimillion-pound budgets, the focus has always been on one thing: people.

Driven by a passion for operational efficiency and sustainable growth, Blue Phoenix was founded on the principle that the right people, in the right roles, with the right support, create unstoppable momentum. This principle is backed by deep insights from studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to Master Practitioner level, mastering the DISC personality profiling system, and a fervent belief in the power of internal marketing and communication. We are here not just to enhance your employer brand but to revolutionize the way talent engages with your business.

At the Heart of Blue Phoenix

Meet Gill, the heart and brain behind Blue Phoenix, the strategist who delves deep into the DNA of your organization to consult and advise with precision. With a keen eye for both the big picture and the minute details, our founder ensures that your company's employer brand isn't just seen; it resonates. Combining an MBA in Business Administration with practical expertise across various sectors and deep knowledge of NLP and DISC profiling, Gill is not just a consultant but a catalyst for your transformation into a talent magnet.



Our Team

Blue Phoenix operates with a unique, agile model—our team consists of skilled associates who are leaders in their respective fields.

  • Jess is our Social Media Expert: She helps elevate your brand presence and engages potential talent through cutting-edge social media strategies.
  • Beki is our Photographer/Videographer: She captures the essence of your company culture with stunning visuals that tell your story in a compelling way.
  • Tim is our Website Developer: He builds intuitive, user-friendly career  sites that serve as a digital gateway to your brand.
  • Paula is our HR Professional: She ensures that your value proposition aligns with both current market expectations and future trends in employment and she has killer advice on the recruitment and onboarding process.


Our Approach

We believe that a great employer brand is built not just on the jobs you offer but the stories you tell and the culture you embody. Our approach is holistic and tailored, focusing on creating a brand that resonates deeply with your ideal candidates. We use strategic insights combined with creative execution to make your company not just a place to work, but a place to grow and thrive.


Connect With Us

Ready to transform your employer brand? Let's talk about how we can help you attract and nurture top talent that aligns with your vision for growth. Contact us today to start your journey with Blue Phoenix. 

What Clients Say About our Founder ...

Two Decades of Strategic Excellence

"Having known Gill Harvey for almost 20 years, I've witnessed her exceptional ability to think strategically and distill the details. Gill's straightforward, no-nonsense advice, and her capacity to challenge and refine thinking, have been instrumental in enhancing business, people, and processes. A simple 'thank you' is never quite enough."

Cutting Through The Noise

"Gill has the remarkable ability to quickly identify the heart of any issue. Her strategic approach to crafting solutions that work seamlessly within the business's daily operations is just one aspect of what makes her invaluable. It’s her understanding of people, and her skill in coaching and motivating change from within for lasting impact, that truly sets her apart."

Simplifying Complexity

"Gill excels at demystifying complex problems, breaking down tangled ideas, and honing in on what will truly drive change. Her expertise in culture management and HR is comprehensive—from defining roles and managing recruitment to developing processes and people management. Her guidance makes all the difference."