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Welcome to Blue Phoenix

At Blue Phoenix, we specialize in transforming organizations into preferred destinations for top talent. We understand the intricacies of aligning personal motivations with organizational needs, which has enabled us to perfect strategies that not only reduce time-to-quality hire but also enhance productivity and cultivate dynamic workplace cultures.

Our Expertise

  • Strategic Talent Alignment: Collaborating with leadership to sync talent acquisition with your strategic business goals.
  • Advanced Workforce Planning: Analyzing and forecasting talent needs to bridge skill gaps.
  • Innovative Talent Acquisition: Crafting recruitment strategies that enhance your employer brand and optimize candidate experiences.
  • Robust Retention Programs: Developing competitive packages and career opportunities to retain key talent.
  • Proactive Succession Planning: Preparing high-potential employees for crucial roles to ensure seamless transitions.
  • Employee Development: Implementing continuous learning and growth programs to enhance skills and capabilities.
  • Performance Management: Aligning appraisal systems with business objectives for effective employee development.
  • Data-Driven HR Insights: Utilizing analytics to refine talent management and decision-making processes.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Building a diverse workforce to enrich perspectives and achieve business goals.
  • Change Management: Guiding significant organizational changes to minimize impact on the workforce.
  • Employee Engagement: Developing initiatives to improve job satisfaction and overall well-being.
  • HR Technology Utilization: Streamlining processes using the latest HR technologies to boost efficiency.

Our Team

Blue Phoenix is powered by a diverse group of seasoned professionals, each a leader in their respective field, working together under the strategic guidance of our founder, Gill.

  • Gill: Visionary Talent Strategist and Founder with an extensive background across various sectors. Gill's deep understanding of talent dynamics drives our innovative approaches to talent management, ensuring alignment with organizational goals.

  • Jess: Social Media Expert who elevates your brand presence and engages potential talent through innovative social media strategies.

  • Beki: Photographer/Videographer capturing the essence of your company culture with compelling visuals that tell your story authentically.

  • Tim: Website Developer creating intuitive, user-friendly career sites that serve as the digital gateway to your brand.

  • Paula: HR Professional ensuring that your value proposition aligns with current market expectations and future trends in employment. She offers expert advice on recruitment and onboarding processes.

  • Rachel: Our bridge between higher education institutions and businesses, Rachel is an expert in devising and organizing compelling internship positions that attract tomorrowā€™s talent.

Our Approach

We believe that a strong employer brand goes beyond job listingsā€”it's about the stories you tell and the culture you embody. Our holistic, tailored strategies ensure your organization is not just a workplace, but a place where people come to grow and succeed.

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What Clients Say About our Founder ...

Two Decades of Strategic Excellence

"Having known Gill Harvey for almost 20 years, I've witnessed her exceptional ability to think strategically and distill the details. Gill's straightforward, no-nonsense advice, and her capacity to challenge and refine thinking, have been instrumental in enhancing business, people, and processes. A simple 'thank you' is never quite enough."

Cutting Through The Noise

"Gill has the remarkable ability to quickly identify the heart of any issue. Her strategic approach to crafting solutions that work seamlessly within the business's daily operations is just one aspect of what makes her invaluable. Itā€™s her understanding of people, and her skill in coaching and motivating change from within for lasting impact, that truly sets her apart."

Simplifying Complexity

"Gill excels at demystifying complex problems, breaking down tangled ideas, and honing in on what will truly drive change. Her expertise in culture management and HR is comprehensiveā€”from defining roles and managing recruitment to developing processes and people management. Her guidance makes all the difference."